Episode 194

The Power of Natural Inspiration with Pavlo


  • Pavlo started giving away guitars when he realized he had too many
  • He appreciates every moment of his success and doesn't take it for granted
  • The guitar is his tool of engagement and expression
  • He gives away guitars at his concerts and finds joy in it
  • Pavlo keeps his music fresh by playing with his band and having different guests join him on stage
  • He emphasizes the importance of gratitude and never taking anything for granted Allowing inspiration to come naturally is key to Pavlo's creative process
  • Combining ideas from different time periods can result in unique and meaningful songs
  • Integrating family into the touring lifestyle helps maintain a balance between work and personal life
  • Producing his own music and TV shows has been instrumental in getting Pavlo's songs out into the world Having a concept or idea in mind can guide the composition of an album
  • The fear of repeating oneself can drive artists to explore new creative directions
  • Pavlo allows his band creative freedom within the framework of his compositions
  • Pavlo has upcoming TV programming and specials, including a potential concert at Massey Hall in Toronto
  • He expresses his desire to collaborate with Drake and emphasizes the importance of enjoying life


00:00 The Concept of Giving Away Guitars

06:13 No Specific Attachment to Guitars

11:24 The Power of Natural Inspiration

28:00 Overcoming the Fear of Repetition in Songwriting

32:37 The Desire to Collaborate with Drake

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