Episode 201

The Evolution of Funktasy Records

The conversation explores the evolution of Hoss's music journey, from his childhood exposure to music in Iran to his passion for electronic music and technology. We delves into his experience as a percussionist, DJ, and radio show host, highlighting his transition into starting a record label out of necessity. Hoss shares his decision to treat the label as a business and the steps he took to establish it, including investing in legal agreements and creating an SEO-friendly website. The conversation also touches on the growth of Funktasy Records and its magazine, Funktasy Magazine, during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, Funktasy experienced growth and had access to A-list celebrities due to their good content, persistence, and the fact that people were at home. The magazine concept was an unexpected evolution for Funktasy. Hoss also highlights the significance of understanding royalties and publishing, and the role of radio in the music industry.

00:00 The Evolution of Hoss's Music Journey

08:48 Starting Functasy Records: A Necessity Turned Business

12:25 The Growth of Functasy Records and Fun2C Magazine

16:12 Adaptability and Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry

22:43 The Importance of Radio in the Music Industry

25:39 Funktasy: Welcoming Artists from Various Genres

27:30 Understanding Royalties and Publishing in the Music Industry

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